Mindful Matters Groups

Michael and his colleagues provide workshops, groups, and classes related to Mindfulness.

Our groups/classes include:

  • Introduction to Mindful Matters ; a 12-week series based on work from Center for Mind-Body Medicine, click here , during which participants learn a variety of techniques that enhance one's mindfulness, and improve choicefulness
  • Mindful Aging ; a weekly group which focuses on aging with wisdom and grace. During this group we explore issues related to aging from the perspective of increased mindfulness, self-awarenes and spiritual growth
  • Mindful Psychotherapy ; in this weekly group participants increase their self-awareness and creating a bridge between conscious and unconscious processes utilizing mindfulness techniques and skills

Some past participants have said:

I have been through multiple classes and groups which have taught some of the same techniques that Fran and Michael taught in our Mind-Body Skills Group, but this time things really clicked. I feel that I have gained a real ability to control my moods to an extent that I never thought was possible through meditation, visual imaging and managing my own thoughts. I no longer feel the fear that I used to feel when I begin to feel depressed, because I know that I have new tools to deal with the depression.-- P.C.

For me - It has been a good opportunity to harness the power of my mind and imagination to help my body and soul to heal. The breathework is always helpful -- on many levels.-- S.S.M.

I’ve always liked this quote from Merlin in T.H. White’s classic novel “The Once and Future King: “The best thing for being sad is to learn something. That's the only thing that never fails.” If you’re grappling with illness, grief or depression, it is common to feel stuck. It is useful to talk about these feelings, but even better to learn research-based strategies to overcome them. That’s where the Mind-Body Skills Group comes in. Fran and Michael provide a safe, even fun environment for people wrestling with various demons to learn ways to quiet and banish them—ranging from meditation to dance. The group was challenging, revelatory and occasionally profound. I continue to apply the lessons I learned. It’s an experience I will never forget and highly recommend to anyone looking to get “unstuck.”—A.B.

Both Fran and Michael are members of the National Association of Social Workers and the Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Workers. To view our Mindful Matters website, click here

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